Our passion is crafting better lifestyles for people through design. Parable Studio came together in 2016 inspired by the meanings behind human experiences and with a focused intent of creating holistic outcomes that have a positive impact to life.

After a decade of designing stuff like airline lounges, banks, radio stations, restaurants, homes and hotels, founders Ken & Mark took the first step towards designing universes together when they worked on a beautiful eatery called Grain Traders.

It seems that both growing up as cross-cultural design geeks finding their authentic place in life is what makes it all come together so well.

The People Behind Parable

Ken [on the left], Mark [on the right]

The Partners

Mark De Winne

Founding Partner at Parable Studio, Mark is passionate about typography, storytelling, and like any Singaporean — food. Overseeing the branding and graphic design output of the studio’s diverse range of commercial clients, Mark brings more than 10 years of experience in branding and communications design to integrate branding touchpoints across multiple mediums. As Singapore’s leading typographer, Mark believes that typography and type design are key to enhancing a brand’s message, creating the fine balance between aesthetic appeal, formality, and legibility. Mark’s ability to develop custom typographic solutions has given Parable an edge in its approach to integrated transdisciplinary design solutions. His work on the branding and custom typeface design for F&B client, Plentyfull, was awarded a Certificate of Typographic Excellence 2017 by Type Directors’ Club, New York.

Ken Yuktasevi

Founding Partner at Parable Studio, Ken’s passion for storytelling and people has led to his unique perspective in designing solutions for lifestyle, hospitality and F&B experiences at an urban and human scale. With more than 12 years of experience in interior design, architecture and hospitality design under his belt, Ken’s multifaceted, people-focused approach to design allows him to integrate and meet the needs of thousands of people on a daily basis through his design contributions to previous clients such as Grain Traders, Salad Stop and Frank by OCBC. Previously, Ken was an award-winning Director at Ong & Ong’s Experience Design Studio and director of the globally acclaimed interior design company, Leo International Design Group. His previous work includes leading the winning team for the worldwide design competition for Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris Lounge, using a design thinking approach that addressed user needs at the heart of travel. He also led the workplace strategy design at the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), integrating organizational, physical and experience design for the organization.

The Team

Sarah Cheng-De Winne, Business Development Manager
Tara Donohue, Account Manager
April Tan, Senior Lead Designer, Interiors
Tan Zihua, Interior Designer
Wilsara Lloren, Interior Designer
Lucas Tan, Assistant Design Manager
Freda Lai, Graphic Designer
Lee Wenling, Graphic Designer
Dean Kum, Design & Media
Keiko De Winne, Animal Therapist

Our diverse backgrounds make it second nature for us to weave a wide spectrum of tools and methodology to uniquely approach each project outside of their traditional parameters.

Uncovering meaning & truth is at the core of a Parable design, and this search is driven by a high regard for people. We love spending time with people seeking to understand the beginnings, middles and ends of how people do life at work, rest and play.

Our interest is in solutions that go beyond being beautiful to look at, but are integrated expressions of strategy, art and storytelling.

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine... the future.”
—Robert L Peters

We are obsessed with how design, culture and values are intrinsically connected to each other. This has birthed a design culture deeply rooted in our core beliefs of love, honor, truth and authentic relationships.

In our studio, people are not our greatest asset, culture is the asset and our people are family.